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Uppercase Letter Fun Kit
Uppercase Letter Fun Kit
Uppercase Letter Fun Kit
Uppercase Letter Fun Kit
Uppercase Letter Fun Kit

Uppercase Letter Fun Kit

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Our Fundanoodle Letter Fun Kits has everything you need for hands-on, interactive letter learning!

We believe that your Little Learner should have ample opportunities to engage in letter formation BEFORE they put pencil to paper! To provide those kinetic learning opportunities, the Fundanoodle Letter Fun Kits includes:

Muscle Movers
  • Heavy duty laminate cards with letters on one side, unique animals and activities on the other – the educational opportunities are endless.
  • Start by using the cards for letter recognition and getting the wiggles out, add Wikki stix or PlayDoh to allow your Little Learner to use their fine motor skills to form the letters on the card and finally practice with the included dry erase pen.

I Can Build Letters! Magnets (with a magnetic dry erase board)

  • These colorful, super-strong magnets allow help improve problem solving and fine motor skills while visually supporting letter formation. These can be used on any magnetic surface.

I Can Build Letters guide

  • Use this guide as a companion to the I Can Build Letters! Magnets. Your child can start by building the letters on top of each guide on a regular surface, progress to a magnetic surface and then ultimately build letter puzzles with the color builder guide

I Can Write Letters! Workbook

  • Little Learners start writing using Fundanoodle’s zip, zoom, and buzz terminology. With our grid paper, they learn how to keep their letter a consistent size and we introduce the letters from easiest to hardest to write to develop confidence. And each book includes a series of practice pages and a reward sticker system

The Fundanoodle Letter Fun Kits come in a colorful zippered tote for learning on the go!